XM eDrum Proceed Series ZP-5S

Proceed Series


  • SD, T1, T2, F T 的鼓面及鼓框都可調不同音色
  • SD 小鼓有RIMSHOT 功能
  • 銅鈸具有抓鈸和鈸面兩種功能
  • 內建標準節拍器功能, 且具備專業MIDI 功能
  • 可擴充至14 個鼓或銅鈸
品項 品名 數量
Drum Module XM-5S x 1
10″ Electronic Pad XEP10 x 2
8″ Electronic Pad XEP8 x 3
XCRP11 Electronic Cymbal XCRP11 x 3
Hi-hat control pedal XCP x 1
XM Full Body eDrum Rack XMRS-ZPS x 1
BD (Bass drum) Pedal PEDAL x 1
Set of cables XL9 x 1
Item Details Quantity
Box of Stands – A 114cm x 28cm x 17cm 14.3 kgs
Box of Drums – B 60cm x 31cm x 30cm 9.2 kgs

XM eDrum aims to be the future world leader in the field of digital drums.

Taiwan is famous for having the best acoustic drum kits in the world, and XM eDrum follows in its predecessors’ footsteps by creating the most realistic looking, sounding, and feeling electronic drum kits. XM eDrums have been meticulously engineered by drumming professionals to emulate a real drumming experience. As opposed to focusing solely on digital sounds and effects, XM eDrum attempts to re-create a genuine acoustic drumming experience within a digital format.


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