XM eDrum Busker Series

Buster Series


    • 可切換五種不同音色 : POP, ROCK, FUNK , JAZZ, EFFECT
    • SD, T1, T2, F T 的鼓面及鼓框都可調整音量及靈敏度
    • 銅鈸具有衝擊, 抓鈸, 鈸心, 鈸面四種功能
    • Hi-Hat 銅鈸新增EDGE 的音色,讓情緒表達更加多元化
    • 使用者能自行定義Hi-Hat 開閉鈸LEVEL
    • 6 種練習模式,加強對節拍器、變拍、雙手力度的訓練
    • 可單獨開/ 關鼓框的聲音
    • 便利的排插接孔,讓拆裝更加快速
    • 可額外擴充1 個銅鈸
    • 可儲存2 組自定義的數值,不受格式化的影響
品項 品名 數量
Drum Module XSM-NX1 x 1
10″ Electronic Drum XED10 x 2
10″ Electronic Bass Drum XBD10 x 1
XCRP11 Electronic Cymbal XCRP11-Bell-G x 1
XH6 Electronic Hi-hat XH6 x 1
XM Full Body eDrum Rack XMRS-B10SR x 1
BD (Bass drum) Pedal PEDAL x 1
ST cables XL20P x 6
Item Details Quantity
Box of Stands – A 72cm x 28cm x 28cm 15.5 kgs
Box of Drums – B 42.2cm x 34.7cm x 56.8cm 14.2 kgs

XM eDrum aims to be the future world leader in the field of digital drums.

Taiwan is famous for having the best acoustic drum kits in the world, and XM eDrum follows in its predecessors’ footsteps by creating the most realistic looking, sounding, and feeling electronic drum kits. XM eDrums have been meticulously engineered by drumming professionals to emulate a real drumming experience. As opposed to focusing solely on digital sounds and effects, XM eDrum attempts to re-create a genuine acoustic drumming experience within a digital format.


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