XM eDrum News and Articles

  • XM AH-9S Evolution Meshhead Drum Skin

    5 easy steps to convert an acoustic drum to an electronic drum

    Are you still bothered about any neighbors’ complaints on noise caused while practicing on your traditional kit? XM Evolution Mesh Head Drum Skin gives you total solution! A great way to replace your acoustic drumheads with XM innovative Evolution Mesh Head Drum Skins and exchange your acoustic set into electronic drum kit in merely 30 minutes, an efficient way to lower drumming

  • XML Learning Machine

    The Virtues of Practising with an XML Learning Machine

    Possessing a XM Edrum Learning Machine is just like being tutored by a drumming master at home, there are several advantages as below: The ultimate percussion tutor for aspiring drummers who wish to practice drumming on their own. The machine objectively scores your drumming after each lesson, helping you to discover any mistakes you’ve made, so you can eventually become a precision

  • XM P12 Foldback Speaker

    The Necessity for Professional eDrum speakers

    Speaker is the key to determine whether eDrum sounds good or bad. An eDrum speaker system is different from what other electronic musical instruments used because cymbals produce high frequencies while kick drums produce low and thick sounds, two distinctive sounds can’t be perfectly presented if not using eDrum speakers. Moreover, inappropriate speakers can’t possibly work well with high-end eDrum

  • 2013 Taiwan Excellence Award

    XM eDrum Wins 2013 Taiwan Excellence Award

    This award is scored based on these five aspects: Research, Design, Quality, Marketing and Made in Taiwan, we’re so honored to be chosen by the jury and announced to be one of 2013 Taiwan Excellence Award winners.