XM eDrum Learning Machine

XM eDrum Learning Machine


  • The best equipment for drummers to study independently, the XM drum learning machine is your exclusive percussion tutor.
  • The device does scientific and objective scoring after each practice and helps clear all your blind spots.
  • As many as 83521 possible notation variations and combinations to choose from.
  • Develop for beginners and advanced drummers.
  • Functions shown in user-friendly graphic display for easy operations.
  • Even beginners will find this device easy to use.
  • It is not only a learning machine, but also a professional metronome.
  • It can be connected and used with any brand drum module.
  • Features compact size and light weight, it is your best friend for daily practice, practicing with band, or stage performance.
  • The XM Edrum Learning Machine is the ultimate percussion tutor for aspiring drummers who wish to practise drumming on their own.
  • The machine objectively scores your drumming after each lesson, helping you to discover any mistakes you’ve made, so you can eventually become a precision player.
  • There are over 83 thousand possible variations and combinations of drumming notation for you to practise.
  • This device was developed with the idea of teaching all levels of drumming, with beginners getting basic instruction, and advanced drummers having the ability to improve their skills to the highest level possible.
  • All functions on the XM Edrum Learning Machine are displayed on a user-friendly graphic interface for easy operation.
  • Even those who have never played the drums before will find the device simple to use.
  • The machine doubles as a professional quality metronome.
  • The XM Edrum Learning Machine can be used in conjunction with any brand’s Edrum module.
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