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  • Redwood coloured XM World Groove Series J-8SR Front View

    XM World Review: XM Groove Series J-8SR eDrum Kit

    2012 has now seen the release of XM World’s newest addition to its many different series of eDrum kits. The Groove Series, made especially for jazz and funk style drummers has hit the stage, and the result has been a resounding beat of pleasure amongst percussion enthusiasts. Within XM’s Groove Series there are currently two models to choose from, the

  • Interview with Dave Hicks of rock band ‘The Eyeball Kicks’ (Part 2)

    (Continued from Part 1) 14. XM: What did you think of the loudness and clarity of the foldback speaker? Dave Hicks (The Eyeball Kicks): Put simply, it sounded great. 15. XM: There is 128Mb storage in the module. Do you think this is enough for you? Dave Hicks: I can understand why there is a smaller data allowance. Simple software and

  • Interview with Dave Hicks of rock band ‘The Eyeball Kicks’ (Part 1)

    1. XM: Hi Dave, first of all, have you played any Edrum kits before? If so, which brands or models were they? Dave Hicks (The Eyeball Kicks): Yes, I’ve played a rather old Roland TD-3 V-drum kit with rubber pads quite a bit, but I also play newer Edrum kits whenever I visit music shops. 2. XM: How did the

  • XM Edrum AH-9S Evolution Meshhead Drum Skin

    AH-9S Evolution Meshhead Drum Skin

    A true revolution in digital drum technology, the AH-9S Evolution Meshhead Drum Skin is one of XM Edrum’s most exciting creations to date. There is nothing in the world like it. Now, you can add an electronic drum skin to your normal drum kit. The resulting possibilities are phenomenal. In keeping with XM Edrum philosophy, the Evolution Meshhead Drum Skin

  • XM World Master Series CMAX-9SR Drum kit

    XM World Master Series C-MAX-9SR e-Drum kit

    As of the end of the year 2011, the C-MAX-9SR is the top of line when it comes to e-Drum sets around the world. This XM World e-Drum kit is made especially for experts who desire an elaborate electronic drum set with the maximum number of drums and cymbals. The optimum number of triggers is used on each instrument to