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  • Music China Fair Next Week!

    Music China Fair next week

    XM will participate Music China International Fair in Shanghai from Oct.11 to Oct.14. Meanwhile, our drummer will bring two unique songs to all of you at booth no. E3D36 on Oct.11 & Oct.12, so stay tuned there!

  • Meet you guys @ Melbourne soon!

    XM will take part in Melbourne Entech Exhibition in Australia this July, come to our booth# A18 and give it a hit!   By Jesse S. Somer, XM eDrum  

  • XM Busker Series B18-9SR eDrum kit expanded with extra tom tom

    XM World Review: Busker Series B18-9SR eDrum Kit

    As of May 2012, the world of being a drumming busker or street musician has changed for the better. With the advent of the XM Busker Series eDrum kits, and in particular the B18-9SR model, you are getting a world-class digital drum kit that is easy to carry around, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. At just

  • XM Tempo Series T-5SR eDrum kit in blue

    XM World Review: Tempo Series T-5SR eDrum Kit

    When you’re drumming, tempo determines how quickly the beat is played. With the XM Tempo Series T-5SR eDrum kit, we find an electronic drum kit designed to help students learn to drum as quickly as possible. Whether you are a drumming teacher that wants to use several digital kits in a classroom, or are looking for a great eDrum kit

  • interview with George Weis, about his experience playing an XM eDrum kit

    1. XM: Hi George, as a drumming teacher I expect you’ve played electronic drum kits before? George Weis: Yes, I own a Roland TD-4 kit. 2. XM: Today you played the XM Classy Series C-Plus-9SR eDrum kit. How did you think it compared with your Roland kit in terms of look, feel and sound? George Weis: Put simply, it went above