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  • XM gold and silver cymbals

    XM eDrum New Arrivals: Gold and Silver eCymbals

    XM demonstrates excellent design ability and brings the edrummer whole new visual experience on 11″ and 13″ eCymbals. With our newly launched golden and silver cymbals, they will definitely make you an eye-catcher on gigs, open jams or event performance, also well suited with XM eDrum kits, such as J-8SR Groove Series eDrum Kit in metal silver and Master Series

  • XM customized natural wood drum kit

    XM Customized Natural Wood Drum kit

    Our natural wood drum kit is using real wood veneer covered with lacquer and adhesive, then glue the wood grain sheet over the drum shell firmly. It makes the high quality look and truly a unique kit that should be added to your wish list. Now it’s time to choose your Classy Series C-PLUS-9SR eDrum kit in natural wood!

  • The XM eDrum Competition in Russia

    A series of video competition was held in Russia last year, they were using XM Classy Series C-Plus-9SR eDrum kit and hence you can tell how wonderful XM 9S sound module functioned and well-performed. Let’s review on these video clips and see how excellent the top five drummers are!

  • XM eDrum Tutorial: AH-9S Evolution Mesh Head Drum Skin Assembly Instructions

    AH-9S Evolution Meshhead Drum Skin is literally a great time saver that you can replace traditional drumheads into eDrum kit with XM evolution meshhead drumheads in merely 30 minutes. Thanks for this invention, you can now possess both acoustic and electronic drum kits without cost twice. From the video below you can understand how to assemble your own digital kit:

  • XM Live Gig at the Shanghai Music Fair

    Our drummer-Color Lee played two songs, Funky Boy and Deep, during the exhibition period of 2012 Music China International Fair in Shanghai. Those two songs are composed especially for Color because he is quite good at the music style of Latin Funk. Check the videos out and enjoy the moves! Song I: Deep Song II: Funky Boy