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練習介面。因此,如何創造出適切的打擊鼓具,讓學習者可自在的享受打擊樂趣,成為XM 最

XM Master Series



XM 電子鼓正式成立於2006 年,至今共推出8 組系列產品,並陸續在德國法蘭克福展、上海
樂器展、法國發明展等國際展會上,獲得許多專業鼓手與客戶的肯定。回顧這10 年來,XM 電

XM Master Series C Max

XM Evolution Mesh Head Drum Skins

XM World hasn’t stopped there. We have now created revolutionary XM Evolution Mesh Head Drum Skin trigger systems that can be used in conjunction with a normal drum hoop. You can add the mesh head to any drum you like, no matter how cheap it is, and turn it into a great sounding drum. Your drum just needs to look good; our unique mesh head design takes care of the sound!

XM Touchscreen Drum Module

As XM’s state of the art touchscreen drum module allows you to download any drum sound via WAV file from your computer (another world first!), it means your old drum shell can be transformed into a beautiful sounding drum. XM mesh heads also allow you the option of simultaneously mixing a real drum sound with any other sound you like, for example, a bass guitar.

The XM Drumming Experience

XM e-Drums let drummers practice quietly when they live in a high-density population zone, but if wanting to play loud, the sound emitted from the specially designed fallback speaker (either the XMP8 or the XMP12) is crisp, clear, and true to its natural sound. All XM electronic components are made in Taiwan to the highest quality standards.


Taiwan is famous for having the best acoustic drum kits in the world, and XM eDrum follows in its predecessors’ footsteps by creating the most realistic looking, sounding, and feeling electronic drum kits. XM eDrums have been meticulously engineered by drumming professionals to emulate a real drumming experience. As opposed to focusing solely on digital sounds and effects, XM eDrum attempts to re-create a genuine acoustic drumming experience within a digital format.


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